New Squadron Sponsoring Committee Help Wanted!!!

Are you interested in joining the Squadron Sponsoring Committee to help with fundraising? Mr. Pigulski has asked to share the following message:

As most of you have heard, I am retiring at the end of this year as Tagging Coodinator and Canteen Operator.

We are looking for someone to take over these positions.

Tagging is our biggest fundraising event. The Tagging Coodinators job involves:
> Printing & distributing the stores “application & insurance” letters
> Printing up the Cadet Sign-up sheets
> Printing the daily Tagging Box papers
> Printing the daily Store Location papers
> Storing of all the Tag boxes & Tags
> Organizing the Locations for the Cadets, daily
> Counting & Rolling the money
> Tallying up the totals : by Cadet , by store , by Season

Without a Tagging Coodinator the above won’t happen.

Canteen Operator involves:
> Buying & storing the Canteen products (maybe done on a Monthly basis)
(get money from canteen cash box or submit bill)
> Setting up, selling & taking down (taking back home)


Carl Pigulski