Level 3 & 4 Drill Evaluations

Level 3&4 Drill Evaluation Prep:

Date Position Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 To be scheduled:
25 Jan FCmdr Abel, D Abel, A Kunyckyj Wei Reszczynski
  2IC Maya-Sandoval Rependa Murgel Loehl Surenthiran
1 Mar FCmdr Hamzic Pickering Terechtchenko Quinn
  2IC Gaynor Bailey Gogna Genovese
5 Apr FCmdr Wieckowski Prince Jeer Jeer, I Xu
  2IC Jones Adamopoulos Hanna Klamrowski
15 May FCmdr / Jeer Jeer, Y Mundundu /
  2IC Misic Cerajewski Mahadale Zharkov

Any changes or adjustments required to the above schedule needs to be confirmed between each other and then approved by OCdt Norwood ASAP.