Exercise Canadian Invasion 2020


Exercise Canadian Invasion 2020 – VE Day + 75

There are many details to be completed and confirmed, and we are working with senior
military and government officials in Canada and overseas.
As this is an international trip, the following criteria will be employed:

  •  Total Cadet participation up to 43 Cadets
  • Must be a minimum of 13 years of age as of 1 February 2020
  • Must successfully complete the selection process
  • Participants are capable of attending a trip that will extend beyond the dates of the
    2020 March Break
  • Participants must hold all necessary travel documents

Participants will embark on a 10 day tour of locations of historic and cultural significance. Lodged at a private and secure government hostel in the Normandy coastline and a private hostel in Belgium, Cadets will visit locations of historic significance to Canada from the First and Second World Wars, commemorating our fallen at Canadian and Commonwealth War Cemeteries, while touring ancient communities as they visit historic sites and world class museums.

As details develop you will be advised. In the meantime, eligible Cadets should consider if they wish to participate. An “Intent To Participate Registration Form” is required if you are interested in joining the tour! There will be financial obligations by participants, so Cadets should to start saving now!

Plan to attend the information session on Wednesday, 24 April, 2019

Exercise Canadian Invasion 2020 Documents

  1. Annex D Letter to Parent Guardian
  2. ECI2020 Trip Announcement Flyer
  3. Annex F Memo of Criteria
  4. Doc 2 Participant Registration Form
  5. Doc 3 Key Dates & Payment Schedule

20 February 2019

Exercise Canadian Invasion 2020 – VE Day + 75 – France & Belgium
March Break Trip 13 – 22 March 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This is to advise that the Squadron Officers and Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) of 142
Mimico ‘Determination’ Squadron is developing plans for the 2020 Squadron ‘March Break Trip’. Exercise Canadian Invasion 2020 – VE Day + 75 – France & Belgium is being planned to be an educational, cultural and recreational trip to France and Belgium from 13 – 22 March 2020.

This is a significant undertaking for the staff and SSC of the Squadron, one which has been
worked on for a number of weeks. The emphasis of this trip will be to provide the Cadets with
an educational understanding of dates and locations of significance associated to service our
nation by Canada’s Veterans. Additionally, Cadets will enjoy the opportunity to participate in
recreational and cultural activities of the host country.

Cadets participating in this trip will have the unique opportunity of experiencing educational
tours and cultural programmes in France and Belgium, with a specific focus upon battle from the First and Second World Wars.

Please review the various documents available regarding this trip, including the Cadet selection process, significant dates, and some other relevant information. As only a limited number of Cadets can be selected to participate in this trip, it is important that these specific requirements and deadlines are adhered to in order to ensure that your Cadet may attend. Please note, due to participation requirements, Cadet participants must be 13 years of age by 1 February 2020 and meet the criteria detailed to participate in this activity.

It is important to understand that within the Canadian Cadet Movement, this activity is not part of the normal training programme and is described as an “Optional Activity”. As such, the
Department of National Defence/Canadian Armed Forces neither sponsors this activity, nor
provides support for it.

The funding for this trip is coming primarily from the various fund raising activities that the Cadets undertake throughout the year, and the cost per participant is approximately $2,200.00. Working together with the SSC, we will establish fundraising activities specifically to help defer the costs to the Squadron and the individual Cadet’s family. However, each Cadet who participates in the trip will have a financial responsibility for some expenses associated with the trip. Our goal is to subsidize where we can, and at this moment the estimated cost per Cadet is approximately $1,200 – $1,500.00, although it may be higher. We will continue to update the cost per Cadet when more information on trip expenses and fundraising revenues are gathered.

It is our hope that through fundraising activities and sponsorship contributions the financial
burden to each Cadet is reduced as much as possible.

We are negotiating the cost of air travel with a number of air carriers, and the average cost of roundtrip travel is approximately $1,300.00, inclusive of all taxes and fees. As soon as we secure an acceptable airfare and other costs we will advise you. Of course, once a reasonable airfare is found, and to secure the best possible price, we will be required to pay a deposit to the air carrier. Assistance with the deposit will be advanced from the Squadron funds, managed by our SSC, to meet the airlines deadline.

To ensure your Cadet’s attendance in this international trip, it is imperative that you meet the
timings for travel, health and other documentation, as well as meeting the financial timelines
established for pre-payment as outlined in the attached documents. Please complete and
return the attached “Intent To Participate Registration Form” and the first deposit, which will
permit your Cadet to be included in the trip selection process, no later than Thursday, 9 May

The initial deposit of $250.00 is due with the registration form on 9 May 2019. The second
deposit signifying your commitment for participation is due by 19 September 2019, at which
time an additional deposit of $450.00 is required, which will be used to meet the payment
schedule for the air carrier. Please note that your deposit payment does not necessarily
confirm participation within this trip until all criteria are met. Should a Cadet fail to meet the
eligibility requirements, the first deposit will be refunded. Cadets who meet the eligibility
requirements will be expected to meet the full financial pre-payment schedule to remain in good standing.

For many, this is a “once in a lifetime opportunity”, to visit sites of Canadian historical
significance, where brave Canadians served “God, King and Country” in the pursuit of freedom
from oppression, and to get a taste of European culture.

Please attend our Participant Information Session to be held at Branch 643 Royal Canadian Legion, 110 Jutland Road, Toronto, on Wednesday, 24 April 2019, between 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. for information and to receive an information package.


Ric Rangel-Bron, CD
Commanding Officer
142 Mimico ‘Determination’ Squadron