Exercise Canadian Invasion 2018

The Officers and SSC are making plans for an INTERNATIONAL
trip between 10 – 19 March 2018 to the United Kingdom
Exercise Canadian Invasion 2018 – Old Blighty


January 20, 1:30 pm – A Parent/Guardian & Cadet participants attend mandatory meeting –Toronto Paramedic Services Headquarters
March 4, Kit Inspection – Mandatory for Cadet participant and one parent/guardian – Toronto Paramedic Services Headquarters 

There are many details to be completed and confirmed, and we are working with senior military and government officials in Canada and overseas.

As this is an international trip, the following criteria will be employed:

  • Total Cadet participation limited to 45 Cadets
  • Must be a minimum of 13 years of age as of 1 February 2018
  • Must successfully complete the selection process
  • Participants are capable of attending a trip that will extend beyond the dates of the 2018 March Break
  • Participants must hold all necessary travel documents

142 Squadron will embark on a 10 day tour of locations of historic and cultural significance.  Highlights of this trip will include lodging at a Royal Air Force Station in London, England, with visits to historic sites and world class museums.

As details develop you will be advised.  In the meantime, eligible Cadets should consider if they wish to participate.  An “Intent To Participate Registration Form” is required if you are interested in joining the tour!  There will be financial obligations by participants, so Cadets should to start saving now!

Plan to attend the information session on Thursday, 19 October, 2017

The required documents can be found below. 

Watch for more information coming your way as our plans evolve!

Exercise Canadian Invasion 2018 Documents

  1. ExCdnInv17 Trip Announcement Flyer 2018v1
  2. Doc 2 – Participant Registration Form 2018 v1
  3. Doc 3 – Key Dates & Payment Schedule 2018
  4. Doc 4 Guest Unit Key Dates & Payment Schedule 2018.pdf
  5. Doc 8A Essay Prerequisite 2018 v1.pdf
  6. Annex B To 1085-10 (TRGO) Kit List UK 2018.pdf
  7. Annex D 1085 – 10 (CO) Letter to Parent Guardian – 2018v1 21Sep17
  8. Annex D to 1085-10 (CO) Overview Selection Itinerary Doc 2018v1 21Sept17
  9. Annex F 1085 – 10 (CO) Memorandum of Criteria 2018 v1 (2)

In March 2018, the Air Cadets of 142 Mimico ‘Determination’ Squadron has set a goal to travel to the United Kingdom to tour London.

With 2018 being the 75th Anniversary of the establishment of the Squadron, our goal is to send 56 members of the Squadron (45 Cadets, 10 Officers and 1 Sponsoring Committee Representative) to the United Kingdom for 10 days, visiting historic locations such the Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Cutty Sark, Greenwich, HMS Belfast and Buckingham Palace.  For many of these young men and women, this may be a trip of a lifetime.

While an opportunity like this can be an important piece of any youth development programme, it is not a “funded activity” within the Cadet programme, thus various fundraising activities have to be undertaken to allow these youth members an opportunity to participate.  Our overall goal is to raise as much of the total cost of $90,000.00 CAD, to offset the amount that each participant has to pay.  Over the last year we have raised $10,000.00 towards this goal, but as you can see we are a long way from reaching it.  Of course, we are not waiting for this campaign to take care of it all – although that would be wonderful – we will continue to work towards this lofty goal throughout the year with car washes, bake sales and community dances at our local Royal Canadian Legion.

Of course, it is not a free ride for anyone, as all participants – and their families – have to pay their way towards the cost of the trip, which is approximately $1,800.00 per person.   We hope to reduce this amount through this campaign, your generousity, and our car washes!  And, just so you know, this trip is being conducted cheaply as possible, staying at government facilities – not hotels – and enjoying simple meals within the local community – not fancy restaurants.  This gives the Cadets a sense of the community that they are in, and it is not only an amazing experience for the Cadets, it is good for the community too!

Lastly, we are fortunate that our “guides” are Officers from within the Squadron who have experience leading Cadets on similar trips and have volunteered their time, taking personal vacation and time from their families and work to lead the group.

Cadets applying for this opportunity have to work to earn the right to participate – from having to serve community service hours, to writing a 1,500 word essay on the meaning of the service as demonstrated by our forefathers who served in the Navy, Army Air Force and/or Merchant Marine, and not to mention they have to sit an interview board composed of Canadian Veterans.  So in the end, we know that our participants are engaged and have earned the privilege to visit those who remain in lands so very far away.

We appreciate your time to learn about our challenge and the opportunity that we hope will come true for the Air Cadets of 142 Mimico ‘Determination’ Squadron.  As a small inner-city youth group in the Lakeshore and Royal York area of Toronto, the members 142 would like to say thank you in advance for any financial contribution that you wish to donate.