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Welcome to the new and improved 142sqn.ca website!

The first Parade Night at the Squadron will be Thursday, September 14th. Cadets are expected to arrive at Mimico Adult Learning Center in Summer Dress at 18:30. They will remain for classes until closing parade at 20:50.

Returning cadets that did not attend Admin Night are required to attend with their parents to fill out some important start of year paperwork and get all the new information for this year!

New cadets are encouraged to attend to fill out the required paperwork and hand in documents so they can start immediately. Get the documents here.

There are already sign up sheets posted on the website below. Additional upcoming dates can be found on the calendar (subject to change).

Returning and new cadets may sign up for the following events:

  1. Fall Field Training Exercise (Sign up by September 21st. Event runs September 29th-October 1st)
  2. Tagging – Remember, everyone must sign up for a minimum of 4 shifts from the following:
    • September 21
    • September 22
    • September 23 AM
    • September 23 PM
    • September 24 AM
    • September 24 PM

Level 3’s and above are eligible to sign up for the Flying Scholarship course which starts September 10th at Fort York Armoury.