FTU uniforms for cadets attending summer training will be issued in the next few weeks. No other uniform items will be issued during this training year.

If you have not yet received a full uniform, please look forward to after the summer when uniform issuing will resume (in priority sequence).

There continues to be a large backlog and shipping delays from the manufacture. Many existing uniform orders from last year have not yet been shipped. As items come in, we attempt to issue it to a cadet who needs that specific item.

We ask that you continue to be patient with uniforms. All cadets will be issued a uniform as soon as possible. Until all uniform items are issued, cadets are authorized to wear FTU uniforms or black and white clothing with rank slip-on attached.

Please note, the squadron receives a limited number of points to order uniform parts, which are replenished each year. Due to the high demand of uniform items, and the number of cadets who have outgrown their uniforms during COVID, the squadron’s points have been depleted, and our ability to order new uniform parts is extremely limited. Attempts to facilitate new issue is on-going but all cadets must be patient and expect a continued delay.


Please contact the supply officer by email with all supply related inquiries.

Access to Supply is by appointment only


If you require a simple exchange of a uniform part that does not require measurements (exchange for same size, badges, etc), please send an email to the supply officer. NO EXCEPTIONS. All uniform requests MUST be submitted by email for tracking purposes.



All cadets were ordered a name tag. It is anticipated delivery will be prior to Annual Inspection.



One pair of boot bands are issued with your field training boots. If you have not received boot bands with your FTU boots, please email the supply officer for your initial issue.

Replacement boot bands may be purchased from the Cadet Canteen.

Cost: $3.00.



Recruit Uniform Guide