Air Cadet Squadrons operate a standardized training program on weekly training nights. The training is designed as a five-year program. Cadets will learn a wide variety of aviation, cadet and military-related subjects. It is mandatory for all cadets to attend these training nights.

Cadets who join when they are older than 12 may be eligible to be fast-tracked into either the second or third level of the training program. The Training Officer will inform new cadets if and when this is to happen.

Cadets also have the opportunity to branch off into their particular areas of interest by joining relevant squadron teams, groups or summer courses.

In addition to the training, older and more senior cadets may instruct the subjects to newer cadets and take on other jobs and responsibilities in the Squadron.

Training Subjects (Performance Objectives)
PO x01 – Citizenship
PO x02 – Community Service
PO x03 – Leadership
PO x04 – Personal Fitness and Healthy Living
PO x05 – Recreational Sports
PO x06 – Air Rifle Marksmanship
PO x07 – General Cadet Knowledge
PO x08 – Drill
PO x09 – Instructional Techniques
PO x20 – Canadian Forces Familiarization
PO x21 – Canadian Aviation, Aerospace and Aerodrome Operations Community Familiarization
PO x29 – Radio Communication
PO x30 – Aviation
PO x31 – Principles of Flight
PO x32 – Propulsion
PO x36 – Meteorology
PO x37 – Air Navigation
PO x40 – Aerospace
PO x60 – Aerodrome Operations
PO x70 – Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance
PO x90 – Aircrew Survival
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