The Air Cadet program offers a pilot ground school course for cadets who wish to apply for the Glider Pilot or Power Pilot Training Course during the summer. It is geared towards the material required for the qualifying exam held in January.

This class is mandatory for all cadets applying for either training course throughout the program. There are a limited number of positions available for summer training at each unit so studiousness in this course is imperative.

It runs from October to December and will be held virtually on your own schedule. 45 hours of course material will be available 24-7 and may be covered anytime during the months allotted. There will be access to a course instructor, and 142 will maintain a ground school instructor for any additional help or questions you may have. Registration for the course must be completed by October 15th – speak to 2Lt Norwood for requirements and registration.

The entrance exam will be January 2023 so all course material must be completed by that point.

Topics covered:

  • Air Law
  • Theory of Flight
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Airmanship and Radio Communications
  • Engines and E6B Flight Computer (Power applicants only)

For all cadets interested in participating in the Ground School course this year:

  • Ensure you are eligible to apply for the Training Course. Only eligible candidates will be permitted in the class. For eligibility requirements, see the requirements page (link below).

For any other questions or concerns regarding the training course, please contact the Ground School Instructor.