Toronto Paramedic Services Challenges Sea, Army and Air Cadet Units


         Hello All,
First off, thank you for joining our third annual Share A Cup With A Brave Canuck! Challenge!!  As you have heard, this year we are setting our goals higher aiming to raise 12,000 Tim Cards for our brave women and men serving in Afghanistan!  Lofty number I know, but with the support of people like you from coast to coast I’m sure that we will meet our goal!
So, this is the programme in a nutshell….
  We would like to send a personal message of “thank you” to our Canadian Forces troops deployed in Afghanistan.  Currently, there are approximately 2,900 CF members serving there, and our goal is to provide each member with three or four $10.00 Tim Cards which can be used at the Kandahar FOB Tim Hortons outlet.  As troops rotate through the FOB, they will be provided with your Tim Cards, your special message and your gift of “sharing a cup”!
  As our programme states, it’s an easy way to say thank you!  And this is how easy it really is….
1. Go to any Tim Hortons outlet and purchase the quantity of Tim Cards you wish to send.  We are asking that each Tim Card be in $10.00 denominations.  (Cadets can make them $5)
  2.  Please ensure that you place the receipt in the Tim Card envelope, behind the actual plastic Tim Card, just in case that your Tim Card was encoded incorrectly.  The staff in Kandahar will honour the receipt value.
  3.  Write your personal message on the flap of the Tim Card envelope.  This is the part our troops like the most – a message from you, the average Canadian!
  4.  Bring your cards into the office and give to the Administration Officer.
  5.  Sit back and reflect on how you have just made the day a little bit better for one of our brave Canadians so far away from home!!
Don’t forget to write a message…even something as simple as saying Thank You can bring a smile!  If you wish, include an email address, you may hear back from the recipient of your good wishes…I have!