Level 5 Workshops

Workshops are being held TBD.

Applications are to be submitted to the Level 5 Officer NLT – date TBD.

Please review Annex A of the Level 5 Workshop Options (2015), and then prioritize your top picks on the Workshop Application Form.

Slideshow Presentations

Here are the links to some Level 5 content. Level 5 cadets are responsible to make sure they have reviewed any training they have missed due to other obligations (instruction, squadron duties, etc.).

M507.01 – Develop a Personalized Schedule

Self Study Options

All Level 5 cadets must complete 3 Complementary Training self-study packages. At least one must be an air-element topic. Choices are listed below.

Once you choose your three topics, please fill out the form (linked here) and pick up your packages from Training.


C501.01 – Reflect Upon Individual Global Citizenship
C501.02 – Analyze a Global Issue
C503.01 – Examine Meeting Procedures
C504.01 – Examine the Use of Technology in Physical Fitness Activities
C507.01 – Identify Service Opportunities for a Cadet Instructors’ Cadre Officer
C507.02 – Identify Volunteer Opportunities With the Air Cadet League of Canada
C507.03 – Reflect Upon the Cadet Experience
C509.01 – Monitor Instruction

Air Elemental (Complete a minimum of 1):

C530.01 – Fly a Cross-Country Flight Using a Flight Simulator (*Currently not available)
C540.01 – Reflect of Canada’s Contribution to Aerospace Technology
C560.01 – Examine Aspects of Flight Safety
C560.02 – Examine the Canadian Bush Pilot Industry
C570.01 – Examine Aspects of Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance Through the Development of Aerobatic Aircraft
C590.01 – Analyze an Aircrew Survival Case Study

Level 5 Documents