Major Rick Leswick was the former Commanding Officer of 142 Mimico “Determination” Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, from June 2012 to June 2015.  His kindness to those in need were at the core of this gentleman, who shared what he could when needed with others, just as he was brought up to do by his parents.  In his professional life, Major Leswick was an entrepreneur, running a successful Private Investigation business.  He was also a community college instructor in Law & Security Administration programmes, and was a published author.  In his youth, he was an Air Cadet, attended numerous Cadet Summer Training Courses, which ultimately sparked his life-long love of the Canadian military.  Once old enough to enroll in the Canadian Forces, he did so, serving in a variety of roles, from Military Policeman, Artillery Gunner, to his final – and many would say most fitting role – as an Officer in the CIC Branch, working in the youth programmes of the Canadian Cadet Organizations.  Major Leswick served more than 40 years in uniform!

Whilst Major Leswick did not have children of his own, he found his place as a mentor to his Cadets, devoting tens-of-thousands of hours to the Cadets in his charges, doing what he could to inspire them to become the best young men and women they could be.  Many who have known him have said that his gift was to make every person feel special and important.  It was nothing for him to set aside a day to spend with someone in need, and he took great pleasure in the achievements of his younger relatives, Godchildren, and Cadets.

We lost Major Leswick far too early, he passed away from cancer on December 14th, 2015, aged 61 years.  As part of his legacy, he established this bursary to assist the youth of the Cadet programme that he committed so much of his life to.

Major Leswick’s estate has created the Major R.C. Leswick CD BA Scholarship, which is awarded annually to one (1) Cadet member of 142 Mimico Squadron, to recognize the commitment and effort that the recipient dedicates to the programme, their Cadet colleagues and most importantly to the Cadets under their charge.  The Cadet does not have to be retiring from the Squadron, but must be entering post-secondary education the following training year.  The scholarship is for $500.00 towards the costs of attending a Canadian college or university programme.


  • The Cadet must have attained the rank of Sergeant before 30 April of the application training year
  • The Cadet must have completed Level 4 by the end of the application training year
  • The Cadet must be regarded by peers and supervisors as exemplifying the model Cadet.
  • The Cadet must have a good standard of grades in theirs academics (Minimum 75% overall grade average in 12th Grade Courses, transcript proof required)
  • The Cadet will be attending a Canadian post-secondary institution licensed by the province/territory that they operate in for the upcoming academic year (Proof of registration required, consisting of a letter of acceptance or be a conditional offer)
  •  The Cadet will submit an essay answering the following questions (750 words max, PDF FORMAT ONLY)
    • Based on the description of the award, do you believe you exemplify this award?
    • What has the Cadet programme provided you during you Cadet career?
    • What have you learnt from the Cadet that you will take with you?
    • What is your most cherished moment as a Cadet?
    • What is your proudest achievement during your Cadet career?
    • How will you use what you have learned from Cadets in your post-secondary education?
    • Where do you see yourself after post-secondary education?

A committee consisting of the following membership will review the applications:

  1. Two (2) CAF Officers, or One (1) CAF Officer and one (1) Civilian Instructor from 142 Mimico Squadron;
  2. One (1) SSC member; and,
  3. One (1) representative from the Major R.C. Leswick Scholarship.

The decision of the Scholarship Committee shall be final.

Applications Can Be Submitted By Clicking on this LINK

The deadline for submission is 30th April of the application training year.