The 30 Day Rule (5.2.1)

The Squadron has been directed to more rigorously enforce the provisions of CATO 13-30, Cadets Excused Absence from LHQ Training and CATO 13-01 Cadet Membership.

Current Regulations require that Cadets who are absent – without being excused – for more than 30 days are to be Struck Off Strength; in other words, released from the Squadron and the Cadet Program.

Effective immediately, the Flight Officers will begin calling Cadets who are past the 30 day absentee limit and advise them of their choices:

a. Return to Parading with the Squadron immediately; or

b. Apply for Excused Absence if they are eligible; or

c. Return their uniform and accept Release from Air Cadets.

This action is not to penalize absentees. It is necessary to demonstrate the importance of regular and consistent attendance at mandatory training sessions, in order to successfully participate in the air cadet program

Excused Absence (5.2.2)

If a Cadet is unable to Parade with the Squadron for an extended period of time – due to compassionate, health, family, school, travel or work related circumstances – they may make application to the Commanding Officer for Excused Absence. The CO may approve absences of up to 120 days.

Excused absence is not granted automatically upon request and is at the discretion of the commanding officer.

While on Excused Absence, a Cadet:

a. Is still counted on the effective strength of the Squadron;

b. May participate in special activities within in the local community, as authorized by the CO;

c. May be considered for summer courses in competition with other members of the Squadron;

d. May apply for staff Cadet positions at a CSTC;

e. May retain their uniform