Do you know someone who wants to join cadets?

We are proud to introduce a new Online Registration Tool to make the registration process easier to join cadets!
Parents/guardians and prospective cadets can now visit our website at to receive information to help them start the registration process.
The tool will gather their contact information as well as the unit they are interested in joining and forward it to the corps/squadrons’ generic mailbox. Corps and squadrons will then be able to contact the parent/guardian to answer any questions and arrange for the completion of the registration process.



The following originals are required:

  1. The cadet’s birth certificate.  If born outside of Canada, a certified translation of birth certificate (if not in English) and a IMM-1000 form (Landed Immigrant) , a certificate of Canadian Citizenship or other Federal Government issued ID are required.
  2. The cadet’s Ontario Health Card (OHIP)
  3. If there is a court decree / judgment, or separation agreement in existence, the terms of which award you the custody of your son/daughter/ward, or award visiting rights or restrict access to your son/daughter/ward by another party, please provide a copy to the squadron Administration Officer.
  4. If there is a court decree against your son/daughter/ward , please provide a copy to the Squadron Administration Officer.

All of the above items must be returned together as a single package.  If you or your parents have any questions or concern, please contact the Squadron Administration Officer.

Recruit Enrolment Package

Cadet Code of Conduct


Cadets will receive uniforms shortly after being sworn in, usually about 6 weeks after joining, if their attendance and behaviour are acceptable.

Prior to that, all new recruits are expected to be dressed to squadron standards:

  • Clean and ironed white dress shirt
  • Black tie
  • Black or dark blue dress pants
  • Flat black dress shoes

Uniforms remain the property of the Department of National Defence, and must be returned to 142 Squadron in good condition when the cadet leaves the unit.

Hair and facial standards are expected even in a recruit uniform. See the Dress Instructions page for more details on how to ensure your appearance is up to standard.