One of the mandatory requirements for cadet training is to qualify on the Air Rifle Range on an annual basis.

The main purpose of this event is to teach firearms safety to the cadets.  The secondary reason is to introduce cadets to the most popular activity in the Canadian Cadet Movement, Marksmanship and Biathlon.

Cadets who show ability and interest may be able to join the Squadron Range Team next training year.  142 has a long history of success at the local, provincial, and national levels, and we hope to continue that tradition.

Cadets are highly encouraged to watch the following series of videos on YouTube.

Please make sure that you come prepared to Listen and Learn, and have a bit of fun.

See you Sunday

CI Valentine


Sunday 18 December, 2022

Fort York Armoury

660 Fleet Street, Toronto

South West Entrance (Map attached on link below)

Dress: Civilian casual, sweat pants recommended.

Schedule: posted below



Timing: 8:00AM to 10:00AM
# Rank Last Name First Name
1 Cdt Beck Thomas James
2 Cdt Bezay Antony
3 Cdt Buydenko Danylo
4 Cdt Celestine-Albert Chim-Maranma Angel
5 Cdt Chokie Kudus
6 Cdt Al-Battran Darius
7 Cdt Fernandes Cristian
8 Cdt Cristescu Christian
9 Cdt Dinh Vu Quang Anh
10 Cdt Faber Eric
11 Cdt Fall Kaelyn
12 Cdt Getachew Nathanael Kidane


Timing: 10:00AM to 11:30AM
# Rank Last Name First Name
1 Cdt Khattak Zarin
2 Cdt Kyrylko Artem
3 Cdt Lin Edward Kairui
4 Cdt Long Alistair Edward
5 Cdt Mankevich Sybil Sophia
6 Cdt Marshall Danel Bruce
7 Cdt Marshall-Mowatt Connor Allan Donald
8 Cdt Matetich Contreras Eva
9 Cdt Matetich Contreras Maxime
10 Cdt Muzyka Ekatherina
11 Cdt Olarte Domenik
12 Cdt Phinn-Guerra Alijah


Timing: 12:30PM to 2:00PM
# Rank Last Name First Name
1 Cdt Saiters Anthony
2 Cdt Scinocco Michael
3 Cdt Sliusar Oleksandr
4 Cdt Song Anna
5 Cdt Stephine Tamara Amani
6 Cdt Thompson Aaden
7 Cdt Thompson Aaron
8 Cdt Thomson Liam
9 Cdt Williams Jaydn
10 Cdt Zadniprianyj Robert
11 Cdt Zhang Bowen
12 Cdt Zijun Zeng


Timing: 2:30PM to 4:00PM
# Rank Last Name First Name
1 LAC Dosumu Micheal Jesupinrekanmi
2 LAC Gander Ryan
3 Cdt Keiser Ethan
4 Cdt Winkel Marcus Hendrik Ramento
5 Cpl Kunchok Sonam
6 Cdt Shaw Neal
7 Cdt Slobodian Davyd
8 Cdt Pearson David Maxwell McEwan
9 Cdt Weronika Dubiel
10 FCpl Liu Alex (Aili)


Timing: 4:00PM to 5:30PM
# Rank Last Name First Name
1 FCpl Murray Jason
2 FCpl Nguer Magatte Maximilian
3 Cpl VanderBurgh Eva
4 Cpl Utraja Arjun
5 Cpl D’Sa Justin
6 Cpl Hoysak Lily
7 Cpl Goyal Anwesha
8 FCpl Kim Jason Yu Han
9 LAC Preiswerk Oskar
142 Squadron Range Familiarization Day – Sunday December 18, 2022