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As a result of DND providing support to the City of Toronto through the use of Moss Park Armoury as a warming centre during the cold weather, essential military training has been moved to Fort York and Hutcheson Armouries.  As such, Cadet training has been moved and/or postponed.  

The impact to 142 Squadron is as follows:


  1. ECI18 – Old Blighty Mandatory Meeting – 20 Jan 18 – MOVED to Paramedic Services Headquarters, 4330 Dufferin Street, Toronto
  2. Range Marksmanship Training – 20 Jan 18 – POSTPONED
  3. Fitness & Sports Day – 10 Feb 18 – POSTPONED


Further information will be forthcoming.  We regret any inconvenience that these changes creates.


Maj Rangel-Bron


Marksmanship Day – 20 January

All cadets must complete familiarization training with the air rifles to fulfill level requirements.

0800 – Staff Cadets arrive for setup
0830 – 1000 – Level 4 and 5 cadets
1000 – 1200 – Level 2 and 3 cadets (+ 3 Lvl 1 cadets attending ECI meeting)
1000 – 1200 – Senior NCO Meeting
1200-1230 – Lunch (cadets staying full day only)
1230 – 1430 – Level 1 cadets

Cadets who have already attended a Tuesday Range practice are exempt from this training.

Level 3 & 4 Drill Evaluations

Level 3&4 Drill Evaluation Prep:

Date Position Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 To be scheduled:
25 Jan FCmdr Abel, D Abel, A Kunyckyj Wei Reszczynski
  2IC Maya-Sandoval Rependa Murgel Loehl Surenthiran
1 Mar FCmdr Hamzic Pickering Terechtchenko Quinn
  2IC Gaynor Bailey Gogna Genovese
5 Apr FCmdr Wieckowski Prince Jeer Jeer, I Xu
  2IC Jones Adamopoulos Hanna Klamrowski
15 May FCmdr / Jeer Jeer, Y Mundundu /
  2IC Misic Cerajewski Mahadale Zharkov

Any changes or adjustments required to the above schedule needs to be confirmed between each other and then approved by OCdt Norwood ASAP.

Squadron Rings

Just In Time For Christmas!

142 Mimico ‘Determination’ Squadron Rings

“Large” (School) Rings – $185.00, includes taxes

“Small” (Signet) Rings – $125.00, includes taxes


Please complete the SQN Ring Order Form to order including your payment. Cheques must be made payable to 142 Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

If you need your finger size measured please see the CO or AdminO.

Order will be placed by 21 December 2017.


New Squadron Sponsoring Committee Help Wanted!!!

Are you interested in joining the Squadron Sponsoring Committee to help with fundraising? Mr. Pigulski has asked to share the following message:

As most of you have heard, I am retiring at the end of this year as Tagging Coodinator and Canteen Operator.

We are looking for someone to take over these positions.

Tagging is our biggest fundraising event. The Tagging Coodinators job involves:
> Printing & distributing the stores “application & insurance” letters
> Printing up the Cadet Sign-up sheets
> Printing the daily Tagging Box papers
> Printing the daily Store Location papers
> Storing of all the Tag boxes & Tags
> Organizing the Locations for the Cadets, daily
> Counting & Rolling the money
> Tallying up the totals : by Cadet , by store , by Season

Without a Tagging Coodinator the above won’t happen.

Canteen Operator involves:
> Buying & storing the Canteen products (maybe done on a Monthly basis)
(get money from canteen cash box or submit bill)
> Setting up, selling & taking down (taking back home)


Carl Pigulski

Exercise Canadian Invasion 2018

Exercise Canadian Invasion 2018 – Old Blighty

The Officers and SSC are making plans for an INTERNATIONAL trip between 10 – 19 March 2018 to the United Kingdom

Tentative Itinerary



December 2, 1 pm – Cadet mandatory participation in Essay Interview – Fort York Armoury
January 20, 1:30 pm – A Parent/Guardian & Cadet participants attend mandatory meeting –Fort York Armoury
March 4, Kit Inspection – Mandatory for Cadet participant and one parent/guardian – Toronto Paramedic Services Headquarters 

There are many details to be completed and confirmed, and we are working with senior military and government officials in Canada and overseas.

As this is an international trip, the following criteria will be employed:

  • Total Cadet participation limited to 45 Cadets
  • Must be a minimum of 13 years of age as of 1 February 2018
  • Must successfully complete the selection process
  • Participants are capable of attending a trip that will extend beyond the dates of the 2018 March Break
  • Participants must hold all necessary travel documents

142 Squadron will embark on a 10 day tour of locations of historic and cultural significance.  Highlights of this trip will include lodging at a Royal Air Force Station in London, England, with visits to historic sites and world class museums.

As details develop you will be advised.  In the meantime, eligible Cadets should consider if they wish to participate.  An “Intent To Participate Registration Form” is required if you are interested in joining the tour!  There will be financial obligations by participants, so Cadets should to start saving now!

Watch for more information coming your way as our plans evolve!

See the Exercise Canadian Invasion tab for current documents.