The Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC), a group of volunteers, has a number of duties, not the least of which is fundraising.

In 2011, the Ontario Provincial Branch of the Air Cadet League of Canada has authorized Squadrons to levy a charge of up to $60 per cadet.

The SSC of 142 has made the decision to cover these charges through fundraising, rather than charging individual cadets.

This necessitates that the cadets participate in all fundraising activities.

Although the Department of National Defense covers many of the expenses of a Squadron such as uniforms, summer training and certain transportation, there are a number of expenses that have to be met through fundraising.

These include:

  • Facility rentals at the Mimico Learning Centre and John English Middle School
  • Annual Parade
  • Mess Dinner
  • March Break Trip
  • Field Training Exercises
  • Band Equipment and Instruments
  • Entry fees for competitions
  • Awards
  • Flying Scholarship Fees
  • Name Tags
  • Retirement and other gifts

In order to raise these funds, a number of activities are undertaken:

  1. Lottery Ticket Sales (mandatory)
  2. Fall and Spring Tagging (mandatory)
  3. Poppy Distribution (with the Legion)

Our Cadets, Staff and SSC work exceptionally hard throughout the year to meet these needs.  However it is very expensive to meet the needs of the Squadron every year.

With that in mind, we would like to ask the business members of the South Etobicoke community to help us in any way that they can.

Other options would be gifts of products or services that we could auction or raffle at some of our events such as our Mess Dinner or Annual Review.

Businesses that offer discounts to cadets and staff would also be welcomed.

All donors will receive (as applicable):

  • Tax receipt (142 is a charitable organization registered with CRA)
  • Group photo of the squadron
  • Web link or business card on our website
  • Recognition in the program for our Annual Review