Summer Training

Summer Training 2018

All currently active cadets with 142 Squadron are eligible to apply for Summer Training Courses. Cadets should look over the information pamphlet with their parents and decide which courses they are most interested in attending.

Applications are due Thursday, 15 February 2018. Forms should be filled out at home, printed, and brought to the office on a training night (Thursday). Late applications will be considered last for selections.

2018 Course Dates

Below are the 2018 course dates. Dates in bold are our usual assigned dates but have not yet been confirmed for 2018. Cadets travel to their courses the day before the course begins.


Serial A

Serial B

Serial C


2 Week Courses

(General Training)

9-20 July

23 July – 3 Aug

6 – 17 August

3 Week Courses 

(Basic Courses)

9 – 27 July

30 July – 17 Aug


6 Week Courses

(Instructor Courses)

9 July – 17 Aug



Glider (6 weeks) 9 July – 17 Aug
Power (7 weeks) 9 July – 24 Aug 

Course Prerequisites

Each summer training course has requirements cadets must fill in order to be selected. Below are two spreadsheets that may help you determine if you have the prerequisites for the courses you are interested in attending.

Summer Training Joining Instructions 2018

The following are the Joining Instructions (JIs) for each specific training centre.

Joining Instructions contain:

  • Kit list
  • Contact information for the training centre
  • Graduation times and dates
  • Forms for temporary leave with family member
  • Everything else you need to know about where your cadet has gone

Your offer letter has the location your summer training will be taking place and the dates of the course to choose the correct Joining Instructions.

Cadets will leave the Sunday before their course starts. Depending on the course, they could return the Thursday, Friday or Saturday at the end of training. A graduation parade that parents are permitted to attend will usually be held on either the Thursday or Friday. If you need to make different arrangements for their arrival, please let the summer training officer know prior to the course. If the cadet is already on course, please contact the training centre directly.

Please make sure you follow all the directions in the JI to ensure you have everything you need for summer training!

The following briefing is a slight overview of what your cadet can expect when on course:

2017 Summer Training Briefing