Summer Training

Summer Training Joining Instructions

The following are the Joining Instructions (JIs) for each specific training centre.

Joining Instructions contain:

  • Kit list
  • Contact information for the training centre
  • Graduation times and dates
  • Forms for temporary leave with family member
  • Everything else you need to know about where your cadet has gone

Your offer letter has the location your summer training will be taking place and the dates of the course to choose the correct Joining Instructions.

Cadets will leave the Sunday before their course starts. Depending on the course, they could return the Thursday, Friday or Saturday at the end of training. A graduation parade that parents are permitted to attend will usually be held on either the Thursday or Friday. If you need to make different arrangements for their arrival, please let the summer training officer know prior to the course. If the cadet is already on course, please contact the training centre directly.

Please make sure you follow all the directions in the JI to ensure you have everything you need for summer training!

  • Trenton
  • Blackdown
  • Gliding – Debert
  • Connaught
  • HMCS Ontario
  • Canadore
  • Gliding – Mountainview
  • Power:
    • Joining Instructions
    • Centre Contact Information

The following briefing is a slight overview of what your cadet can expect when on course:

2017 Summer Training Briefing

Summer Training 2017

Selections will start 1 March, any applications submitted after this date will be considered late, and your cadets could miss out on being selected for camp.

  • Summer Training Application – For all courses (last years version)
  • General Course Information Letter – 2016 For all courses (last years version)
  • 2017 Summer Training Pamphlet For all courses (added November 25, 2016)
  • Staff Cadet Information Package (last years version)
  • 2016 National Course Handbook (added November 25, 2016)
  • CATO 54-26 Glider
  • CATO 54-27 Power

updated 9 Feb 16


Serial A

Serial B

Serial C

2 Week Courses

10 – 21 July

24 July – 4 Aug

7 – 18 August

3 Week Courses

10 – 28 July

31 July – 18 Aug


6 Week Courses

10 July – 28 Aug



Glider 10 July – 18 Aug (6 weeks)
Power 10 July – 25 Aug (7 weeks)

 (Bolded dates above are our usual assigned serials)


Course Availability 2016

 (National Courses in Blue require additional application documentation and procedures. See the National Courses page for more information)

Serial Number Course Name Course Code
SC/CC – ONTARIO Staff Cadet
SC/CC – Blackdown Staff Cadet
SC/CC – Connaught Staff Cadet
SC/CC – Trenton Staff Cadet
SC/CC-Mountain View Staff Cadet
SC/CC-IACE/EICA International Air Cadet Exchange – Staff Cadet
239102a Military Band – Basic Musician MB-BMC
138613 Advanced Aviation Technology – Aircraft Maintenance AATC-AM
138623 Advanced Aviation Technology – Airport Operations AATC-AO
348402a Basic Drill and Ceremonial – Air BDCC
428403 Drill and Ceremonial Instructor – Air DCIC
428502a Basic Aviation – Ser BAC
428503a Advanced Aviation AA
428602a Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace BATAC
348702a Basic Survival BSC
348703 Survival Instructor SIC
349202a Basic Fitness and Sports BFSC
349203 Fitness and Sports Instructor FSIC
518633 Advanced Aerospace AAC
508513 Glider Pilot GPS
528514 Power Pilot PPS
349103 Military Band – Intermediate Musician MB-IMC
429104 Military Band – Advanced Musician MB-AMC
349113 Pipe Band – Intermediate Musician PB-IMC
349114 Pipe Band – Advanced Musician PB-AMC
339303 Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor ARMIC
138900 International Air Cadet Exchange IACE
428001b General Training – Air (serial B) GTC